Having Hip Surgery or Hip pain?

Most hip pain has a very simple explanation, for example if you’ve overdone it while exercising. The pain is usually caused by strained or inflamed soft tissues such as tendons, and it often clears up within a few days. Athletes who play active sports like football, soccer, and rugby are more prone to suffering through a hip injury than athletes in other sports; however, hip injuries can also occur by accident, whether through a bad fall or quick and awkward movement. Long-term hip pain can be caused by specific conditions such as osteoarthritis. If you are recovering for hip surgery or getting ready for hip surgery you will find our hip compression pack offers tremendous relief and mobility.

The Go-PadZ and Go-WrapZ Compression System provides an easy application of hot or cold therapy for your injury.

Easily wrap your Hip wrap around your Hip and Thigh. You can tighten the wrap to fit any size with the hook and  loop technology.  Then simply secure the iced or heated gel pad directly onto your hip wrap.

“Most individuals will be able to resume their normal activities within 6 weeks of hip surgery. Normally, around this time patients will resume driving as long as they are not taking any prescription pain medications. Within 12 weeks following surgery, many patients will resume their recreational activities, such as talking long walk, cycling, or playing golf. It may take some patients up to 6 months to completely recover following a hip replacement.” Dr. David Conrad

Go-PadZ compression system works so well  with our Go-WrapZ hip wrap offering adjustable and firm support and helps with common hip injuries listed below.

  • Pre and Post Surgery for Hips
  • Bursitis
  • Hip Instability
  • Labral Tears
  • Arthritis
  • Hip Fractures
  • Hernia