The Benefits of Compression Sleeves for Injury Recovery

Benefits of Compression Sleeves

Benefits of Compression Sleeves

Recovering from an injury or surgery is hard work. Ice and heat are often your best friends, yet they’re not fully accessible when you only have use of one arm or leg. Relying on other people and remaining immobile doesn’t help your mood or fuel your recovery.

Even the solutions provided by the hospital are minimally helpful and sometimes cause more frustration than anything. But compression sleeves are a great way to solve these issues and thousands of others are turning to them too.

Here’s 5 reasons why there are Benefits of Compression Sleeves

  1. Works with Hot or Cold Treatment

Whether your doctor recommends hot or cold treatment, a compression sleeve can hold the gel pack in place. Place the gel pack in the freezer for one hour or heat it in the microwave for 30-second intervals until it’s the desired temperature.

Place the gel pack on the compression sleeve, and it stays in place whether you’re dealing with an injured ankle, calf, knee, or thigh.

  1. Compression Minimizes Swelling

Your body’s natural reaction is to swell when there’s an injury. This is how your body  prevents you from using the injured joint or ligament. Prolonged swelling, however, causes weak muscles and tissues.

Compression minimizes swelling by eliminating excessive fluid buildup at the injury site. This helps encourage faster healing and less swelling that would otherwise inhibit you from using the area.

  1. Provides Muscle and Joint Relief

Whether you suffer from chronic pain, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, hamstring strains, or runner’s knee, constant compression helps alleviate the pain. With the ability to slip heat or ice into the sleeve, you get the best of both worlds – compression, and heat or ice to alleviate the pain, minimize swelling, and heal the area.

  1. Protects your Joints While Active

After you recover from your injury, you anxiously want to get back to your activities. You must proceed with caution, though, or you risk hurting yourself all over again. Protecting your joints with a compression sleeve while participating in sports, working out, or even just walking around helps minimize the risk of further injury.

  1. Helps with Mobility after Surgery

If your injury is bad enough that you need surgery, chances are you want to get up and on your feet quickly. While RICE, rest, ice, compression, and elevation help speed up the process, you need to be mobile.

benefits of compression sleeves

A compression sleeve helps minimize the pain and swelling, getting you up and moving faster than without. Since movement is a key component of healing, compression helps speed things up, ensuring you get your blood flowing, and get the area moving so you don’t lose muscle strength and take longer to recover.

Trying to overcome an injury or recover from surgery on your own is hard work. Listening to doctor’s orders is key, but so is moving around and properly icing or heating the area for faster healing. Compression sleeves help speed up the process by compressing the injured area, and/or holding ice or heat in place while you are mobile.