Holiday Golf Gift Ideas from John Gunby

Holiday Golf Gift Ideas- John Gunby and Go-PadZ
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Holiday Golf Gift Ideas
With only nineteen more days until Christmas, let’s discuss what a golfer might need and want. That way, Santa can bring the best gifts this year that your favorite golfer (or you) will appreciate.
First consider buying from local golf courses and businesses. You are supporting your fellow citizens that work, live and pay taxes here. Here are two websites of companies that are based here and produce revolutionary golf products that make great gifts. Acculine Golf Pucks – aim, align and swing aids = and In-Covery Systems – stackable compression with mobile hot and cold therapy =

Don’t buy them golf clubs or a golf bag that you think they would like. If they ask for a particular golf bag, putter, driver or wedge, then go ahead and get it. But be sure the specs are what they asked for – model, shaft, length, grip, etc. Otherwise just give them a gift certificate or cash so that they can get what they want. If you have an adult beginner on your list, get them used clubs or a new starter set and then, as they improve their skills, get them fitted for a better set later.
I would suggest getting most beginner juniors new starter sets that fit them now. Just like bicycles, if it is new, they will appreciate them more and get excited about the game. You can purchase boxed sets of junior clubs that have enough clubs and a golf bag for them and are age and/or height appropriate. And the weight, lie, grip and shaft flex of these clubs is so much better than cut down adult clubs. It really makes a difference in their progression with golf.
Concerning golf instruction, unless the person on your list asks for golf lessons, don’t just give them some. How would you like it if someone close to you thinks you need help and they know, better than you, what kind of assistance you need? Now, if they ask you to give them some golf lessons, get them with someone who has extensive experience, is well-respected and is a PGA Member.
Golf books make pretty good gifts but be careful with the instruction books as most will do you more harm than good. Any book written by Chuck Hogan is a great choice (but hard to find). Books written by Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson are excellent. “Extraordinary Golf”, “Golfer’s Palette” and “Golf as Guru” are good choices for any golfer, beginner or seasoned.
Most golfers have a brand and model preference when it comes to golf balls. This is probably the easiest gift to give. It should be simple to figure this out by checking their golf bag, unless they play with all sorts of golf balls that they have found. Distance measuring devises make great gifts. These include handheld lasers, GPS watches, etc. Your favorite golfer will probably have a preference. Again, ask them.
A swing speed measuring device is a good idea, too. Depending on the bells and whistles offered, you can spend from $60 to $500 or a lot more (for a Trackman). You cannot go wrong buying them rounds of golf. Maybe a membership or annual pass to play golf at their favorite course. Or a practice facility pass (driving range pass). Any of these will be well-received and appreciated.
You can give every golfer on the golf course (even those you don’t know or see) the best present ever by always playing golf in a fast, safe and courteous manner. A simple, pocket-sized reminder and guide on how to do this (FUNdamental Golf) is available for free at Antelope Hills Golf Courses.
Here’s to your healthy and very memorable Merry Christmas!
John Gunby Sr. is a columnist for The Daily Courier. Reach him by email at