Benefits of Golf Arm Compression Sleeves

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If you are a golfer, whether a seasoned athlete or new to the sport, you most likely have realized how critical technique can be to producing quality performance. The game of golf is much more than hitting the ball towards the pin, which at first glance may seem so simple! Yet, when on the course, you will encounter challenges that cannot be faced without focusing your full attention to smallest of details, and these details come down to how your body performs.

As a golfer, you will rely on your body to craft specific movements to help you conquer the game. If you have physical ailments getting in the way, it will frustrate you and your ability to enjoy the sport. The entire body is involved in successful golf performance, from the position of your feet and ankles, to the grip you can hold with your hands and your wrists. If one area of your body is off, your whole game will be thrown. Luckily, there are certain tactics that can help you improve your performance, and in turn help you enjoy the game that much more.

Golf Arm Compression Sleeves- Go-PadZ

Golf Arm Compression Sleeves

More and more golfers have been spotted using compression sleeves while playing the game, specifically for the arms.  These sleeves help increase performance and prove a significant difference in the outcome of the game. While the entire body is used when swinging a golf club, the arm is the most important aspect to that swing. If you have an injury to your arm, whether it’s from the shoulder or the wrist, your swing is going to be greatly inhibited. Using a compression sleeve is going to reduce any pain that may come from a specific ailment of any of the joints included in the arm.

Some common injuries that can occur in the arms of golfers can include:

  • Golfer’s elbow: a condition that causes pain where the tendons of the forearm muscles attach to the inside of the elbow.
  • Elbow tendinitis: one of the most common conditions in golfers, causing inflammation to the elbow joint. This can be most commonly seen in people who routinely perform the sport, or produce an improper swing.
  • Wrist tendinitis: with the repetitiveness of the sport, and the high speed of the typical golf swing, wrists are at a high risk of injury. Pain is most commonly experienced during back swing and at impact.
  • Pinched nerves: when swinging a golf club, there are multiple muscles and nerves in the arm that are engaged. It is not uncommon for a golfer to experience a pinched nerve after a specific movement.
  • Hand and finger injuries: similar to wrist injuries, from the repetitive movements during the swing of a golfer, chronic trauma to the hands and fingers can be very common.
  • Sunburn: believe it or not, sunburn is one of the major factors involved in injuries to the arm, and can hinder the performance of a golfer

Using arm compression sleeves during a game of golf can look different for every player. Some may use one because they are suffering from pain caused from some of the more severe injuries, such as golfer’s elbow or wrist tendinitis. Whereas some may use it because it provides protection to the arm, and they intend to prevent some of the possible injuries and issues that can arise while playing the game. Whatever the reason, compression sleeves can only help to enhance a golfer’s overall execution.

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