Baseball Sports Injuries

Baseball Sports Injuries
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Professional athletes need to keep their bodies in top physical condition to ensure peak effort and performance.  Athletes are expected to perform despite tending to soreness and minor injuries.  They need every kind of legitimate edge they can get to heal as quickly as possible to stay on the field or return from injury.

Baseball Sports Injuries

Although generally not as physically demanding as other major team sports, baseball players must play nearly every day in upwards of 200 games per season, including the playoffs. One way to get through the day-to-day grind is through the use of Go-PadZ Compressions Sleeves, which can be used in single or multiple sleeves with hot/cold gel packs that stick to them to maintain flexibility.

The Go-PadZ are recommended by doctors, sports trainers, chiropractors, and physical therapists to speed-up the surgical recover process, and relief tired and sore muscles and joints.

Baseball Sports Injuries-Go-PadZ

Baseball players can easily slide the sleeves under their uniforms and with the built-in hook and loop technology strips, won’t come off while training or under game conditions.  Packs can be inserted either cold or hot depending on individual needs.

Baseball Pitchers find relief from Compression Sleeves

Pitchers can apply the sleeve on the bench between innings to the pitching arm with warm gel pack, then easily slide off before returning to the field. After the game, the same pitcher can just as easily insert a cold pack and cool the arm down, easing tiredness and inflammation after a long night on the mound.

Baseball Sports Injuries

Catchers tend to have knee issues and there is no better way to keep flexibility and ease soreness during the game than wearing multiple sleeves on each leg with warm pads. After the game, cold pads will help reduce inflammation from hours behind the plate.

Whether needed for use on tired elbows, wrists, hands, ankles, or shoulders, the Go-PadZ are great for players during games, after workouts, or recovering from injury. They will help reduce healing time, enabling you to get back on the field quicker. For those with nagging injuries, it can help keep you on the field and avoid the disabled list.

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