Back Pain in Golf after the Third Hole

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Back in Three. Unbelievable!

I’m not talking about a golf shot I just made. I’m talking about the lower back pain I’m starting to feel after finishing the third hole. It happens every round. I try and hide the pain for the rest of the round, but I can’t stop the old man noise I make with each swing.


Back Pain Golf Blog

Back Pain in Golf

I always have lower back pain after a round of golf. After each round, I spend over an hour switching between an ice pack and a heating pad. It helps, but the pain will linger for a few days.

The pain is from a muscle strain. Golfers either swing too hard or make sudden shifts during the downswing. I know my swing is not great. I’m sure that’s the cause of my suffering.

I brought this on myself. I’ve never had any formal golf instruction. I played my first round in my 20s because my friend didn’t want to get stuck with three strangers for three hours. I stopped keeping score in that first outing. That didn’t stop me from returning for more.

Even if I’m acutely aware of my posture and am careful when picking up my golf ball off the green and placing it on a tee, the pain comes back. You have to swing the clubs to golf. The swing causes the pain. What choices do I have?

I’ve tried wearing a lower back compression support wrap. It always comes off after my first shot. You can’t make a decent swing when wearing a boxing title belt. I’ve tried back exercises during the week and stretches before the first tee. No difference. I’ve tried those adhesive patches – both hot and cold. They might buy me an extra hole or two, but the pain wins.

I’ve read that many instructors say a great golf swing is not kind to your back. I guess improving my swing isn’t going to make much of difference.

Books on Golfers with back pain

Some professional golfers have great swings – Jason Day, Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods – to name a few. Great swings, severe back pain. Phil Mickelson. Great swing, no pain. He openly shares that he uses methods found in a 1937 book, “Swing the Clubhead Method,” written by Ernest Jones.

I’ve read the book. I still feel the pain. I’ve also read books on getting rid of or healing lower back pain. The pain returns a few holes into the round – right on schedule.

Taking a muscle relaxer helps, but I’m not supposed to operate heavy equipment after I’ve taken them. Does that include the golf cart? The pills help my drives, but not my driving. An epidural injection of corticosteroid has worked the best, but that’s not a viable option.

Back Pain will not keep me from the sport I love. I’m willing to play through it.

There are advances made in golf equipment every year. A better driver. New rescue clubs. How about a massaging golf cart seat with optional heat? I’m sure that won’t drain the battery. One problem – I wouldn’t want to leave the cart to take my shot. That would slow play, and nobody wants that.

I’ve finished the third hole. The pain is back. On to “FORE!”

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