Cold therapy for your bodies aches and pains is one of the most effective methods for pain relief. It is best used for acute pain since it constricts the blood vessels which reduces blood flow to the injured area, thus reducing inflammation and numbing sharp pain.

Go-PadZ recommends the R.I.C.E method (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) for many injuries.

Using both compression and cold therapy, as opposed to just one, promotes faster healing so you can get back to your life quickly.

Our fully stackable compression system is great for cold or heat applications.

Hot therapies are best when the condition is old or recurring. Heat is also great when there is no inflammation or swelling present.

Cold therapies are best the injuries are more recent (24-48 hours) like bumps, bruises and pulled muscles.  Cold therapy also helps when there are obvious signs of joint inflammation. Cold therapies are great for post-surgical procedures as well.

Choose from our collection of accessories to help ease your pain. Go-PadZ offers many accessories that all complement our full Go-PadZ kit.