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Company Bio

In-Covery systems Inc. was started after the founder was trying to recover from shoulder surgery. He lived alone and soon discovered that nearly everything given to him by the surgical center to help in his recovery was actually doing just the opposite.

The normally prescribed ice pack, requiring the help of another person to tie on his shoulder, was continually falling off. As a result he decided, with the help of his future business partner, to develop, patent and market a recovery garment using their new Go-PadZ System of products.  During the development of the garment they discovered that Go-PadZ could also be applied to elastic joint and muscle support products. Go-PadZ firmly attach to the garment and support sleeves allowing for complete mobility during treatment and recovery. Go-PadZ has now evolved into a line of hot or cold therapy products that can be easily applied and removed with one hand providing for fast, easy, comfortable, mobile, and independent recovery from the shoulder all the way down to the ankle.

Mission Statement

Bringing to the world a better and easier way to treat pain and injury.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide mobile independent comfort and recovery support for the world.

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